Hello and welcome!

I'm Stephanie. Happy you’ve come to visit.

This site is a mix of personal & professional ramblings, not just the professional side of me. Mostly home to my blog. You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, CuriousCat, and LinkedIn.

I don’t always have the bandwidth but am always open to doing informational interviews with you, either public interviews that’ll be published or privately just for your own growth. I would never be where I’m at today if kind people didn’t do the same for me. Feel free to reach out via my contact form on this site or Twitter DMs.

If you’d like a little professional rundown:

I'm a graphics engineer and business owner. I co-own Binomial, a software company in Seattle that makes Basis, a popular image/texture compression product. If you're interested in using Basis, you're welcome to contact me at stephanie@binomial.info .

Binomial started as a consulting company-- my business partner and I got to help companies optimize some amazing VR experiences, including Intel's Project Alloy headset. After three years, our company now sells Basis to some of the top companies in virtual reality, streaming, and gaming. Before all that I worked at Oculus helping with game engine work on their VR art creation tool, Oculus Medium. I worked at Unity, helping them optimize a wide variety of graphics engine features. I worked at Downstream with the Cinder library, making custom art installations all over the world.

These days I live in Los Angeles, CA.