Product Management Talk

I get a whole lot of requests to write about early stage business. But the thing is, I don’t really remember much of it. It was 3-ish years ago, my personal life was a mess I don’t want to remember, I forget a whole lot of detail and context even when I try to remember.

It’s a valuable lesson— to write about things as you are learning, so you remember what it was like to be starting out at the least and so you can help others too.

What I do have to share is this blog, where I wrote about the business and my thoughts on life as it was all unfolding, for better or worse. There’s my Twitter, which is harder to search but even more information. I also have many talks and interviews, which you can Google to find. Maybe one day I’ll link to them. I just don’t agree with all the things I said and it brings back memories and I’m just in a very different place in life now. They can exist, I respect Past Stephanie, but I just don’t want to dig it up and pretend that’s me now.

This talk, however, I can share. I gave this talk almost exactly a year ago, and I like it cause I compare my personal data set of one experience, with generic advice I try to give to others about starting a business— that way you can clearly see what I actually have gone through and where I’m attempting to generalize.

A blog post on it with a link to talk:

The talk link:

My slide deck:

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