On Not Always Discussing Technology

The first episode of the second season of Sex and the City.

Miranda pulls out her new palm pilot and is infuriated when her friend would rather discuss her relationship trouble instead. She tells her friends that they are worried about stupid things, not acting like strong intelligent women, they should be discussing things like new technology instead of relationship troubles.

She storms out of the restaurant with a big sigh.

After spending some time with herself, Miranda accidentally runs into the love of her life, who is now married and moved on. Her heart trembles. She runs and hides and gets scared. It shakes her up.

She goes back to her friends, they make up, and she talks about relationships with them again.

That sums up how I feel about discussing technology, and why this blog isn't full of tech news.

(I wouldn't recommend a junior have a blog like mine. Make yourself a nice tech-centric blog-- it's great for marketing. But for me, I have the privilege to not need to market myself in that way.)

At the end of the day, tech is what I do as a job and I love it, but many other things matter too in this life.

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