Update & A Little Reflection

It's been a while since I've written anything here.

This is a strangely personal blog, even though it's on my site that's hyperlinked from the company website.

Part of the silence has been from visibility. Last year, my Twitter got around 300,000 impressions a month. Which felt like a whole lot! But now it gets 5-8 million impressions a month. Had a couple thousand followers when I started the business, now I have 25,000+ people keeping tabs on everything I write. It feels like every blog post I write ends up on HN. Whenever I go to a tech conference, I'm stopped by people who know me but I don't know them. I get so many messages I can't keep up anymore. It's not bad at all, just different.

And part of it has been from shock at the change in quality of life. Life has been really good recently. Really good.

I live by the water in San Diego. Things are relaxed. Business is going unbelievably well.

I remember what it was like to have a hard time breaking into the industry and a hard time having any credibility in my work and a hard time getting by.

I've been figuring out how to use the privilege I have now to help others, while also healing and reflecting.

Starting with little, achievable steps.

There's the mentor list, which has exploded with interest. The blog post now has even more links added to it.

I continue to give advice and mentorship to folks myself 1:1.

I'm going to get back into hosting free workshops for the community, this time in San Diego. I think I will start with hardware, because that was most satisfying to do last year. Working on partnering with local organizations to help with that. Stay posted for news here.

I feel like there's opportunity to do more, but for now it's just a time of reflecting while I grow the business. Thinking. Waiting for a good idea to blossom or that ideal chance meeting to happen.

My ultimate goal is to help lift underprivileged communities in the US out of poverty.

How can I make a better impact toward that goal? What's the next step?

For now, my thinking is to do little steps (like these free community workshops), reflect a lot, and don't detach myself further from the goal. I make sure to balance my weeks with business and mentorship, for instance. Always keeping it in mind.

The ocean is a healing place.

When I walk inside it, the thoughts of stress and meetings and disagreements all drip off my skin with the water. And I get a wake-up call. I am reminded of death. Filled with a peace that reminds me of how much time I've spent on things that won't actually matter when I'm facing my end. What will matter is love. The friendships I've had and the relationships I've built and what I've done to give back to others and how much I've cared for myself too.

That's what the people I admire most do. They give back to others and have genuine great friends and love.

I don't know the direction I want to take this.

But I don't think it centers around just technology.

I want to learn more about art.

I want to read, a lot.

I want to learn about a lot of different things.

I want to find connections.


I gave a presentation recently, and included a slide about entreprenuers I admire. It said I admire these things, and I elaborated with spoken words.

  • People who genuinely care about others and take care of people
  • People who are fair to the point of going against the norm, who don’t underpay employees or rip people off just because other companies do it
  • People who are genuinely happy, and live balanced lives
  • People who don’t just care about tech and are tapped into their communities
  • People who make their own decisions and have the freedom to go against inefficient and toxic norms

Taking next steps.

We'll see.

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