Forest Walk

Our footsteps crunched in the icy dirt in this forest. These rare rays of sunshine felt lightly warm, peaceful.

When you work too much, life happens in the margins.

We've been together for almost seven years, and yet moments like this seemed to never happen before.

I listened to him talk about life, meaning, and how much things have changed.

He grew up in a poor small town in Texas. The only store with food in town was a 7-11, they had to drive over an hour to get to a grocery store. A big road cut the town in two, on one side someone had built a mansion and on the other side there was the rest of the people who lived there. He finds it hard to remember if he ever ate vegetables, his family didn't have much money at all. But they did give him one quarter for video games in the arcade, where he'd play as long as that could afford him.

The town itself wasn't uncomfortable or scary or terrifying. And no one really talked about being poor. In town, there were some people who were homeless, but the church would take them in. Like the retired veteran, whose wife left him 20 years ago and he's had a hard time since and can't get work, but he's a nice guy overall.

Video games saved his life. When he got an SNES, he no longer needed to go to the arcade machine with that quarter when times were stressful and could escape any time at home.

He was never told about college, and had to drop out of high school because of hard times.

Eventually he left them and struck out on his own and learned programming.

We have a yard now. I make enough money so I can support us both and he can just follow his dreams. We have space, and money, and computers, and can build whatever we dream of.

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