A Few Good Teams in the Games/Tech Industry

I realized recently that I keep a mental list of good teams to refer people to, but that information is not commonly known! It can often be very hard to tell if a team will be supportive, have work life balance, be full of good people, etc. And if you've had bad experiences at several companies, it can be easy to think all teams are that bad. Not true!

A few disclaimers: Keep in mind that this recommendation does not represent the companies as a whole (unless the companies themselves are very tiny). But in a large company, there are often pockets of good people. I also haven't met everyone on all of these teams. It's more a judgement that I make speaking with some people on the team or people I know who've worked on the team-- seeing how happy they are and seeing what they say about it. I feel I'm a pretty good judge of character and work environment. Keep in mind that not everyone is hiring (but some are!). Lastly, this is mostly from my network, which comes from me living on the West Coast of the US most of my life with a stint in Denmark. Just a few companies!


Dimitri's team at Intel
San Francisco, CA
This team works on virtual reality prototypes for Intel-- getting their hands on cutting-edge hardware first and making creative installations that show it off.

Michael's team at Intel
Portland, OR
Michael leads a team focusing on helping game developers around the world improve and optimize their games, specifically to work well on Intel hardware.

Adrienne and Keith's team at Tomorrow Today Labs
Seattle, WA
This tiny company focuses on making a VR game as well as building NewtonVR, a tool that makes it easier for designers to prototype in VR and also improves VR physics simulation.

Phil's team at Microsoft HoloLens
Seattle, WA
Phil works on computer vision for HoloLens. He gets to use cutting edge AR hardware and make it better!

Aaron's team at Blizzard
Los Angeles, CA
Aaron works on building back-end services and tools for Hearthstone.

Brett's team at Mapzen
San Francisco, CA & New York, NY
Brett works on making mapping software, with a strong focus on open source and giving back to the community.

Niklas' team at Bitsquid/Autodesk
Stockholm, Sweden
Niklas leads the engine and tools team for the Stingray engine at Bitsquid-- allowing users to make games with the tools he builds.

Aaron's team at SoundCloud
Berlin, Germany
Aaron's team works on recommendations, which includes: web services, Apache Spark jobs, Cassandra, and machine learning.


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