Seattle Freelance Software Developer Network

Since posting about starting a consulting company, I've been meeting with a lot of like minded people.

People who want to work this way-- taking on software contracts as needed or freelancing. Not working full time at any one company.

We all do the same things. Meet up with lots of people and try to find software work. We go through phases of dry spells, and phases of having so much work we need to turn projects down. Some people are doing this because they know it'll take a while to find good full time work, others are like us and happy only taking contracts.

Let's help each other out.

We're keeping this to Seattle locals who are the software developers taking the contracts, for now.

I started a Slack, and we can plan events from there. Let's be a stronger community! Get in touch via Twitter DM if you want an invite-- be sure to include your e-mail address. 

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