Doing Good

Lately I've been meeting with a lot of different people, trying to figure out how best to help the community. I'm always learning in this area. We're still getting off the ground and making sure we have a steady foundation to help others on, but I love the idea of getting started as soon as we can.

I see some companies starting grant programs giving away money to underprivileged people-- love that. I see schools aiming to get underprivileged people into coding-- love that. We hosted a free workshop, took on a junior coder, started a networking organization for fellow freelancers.

In the past I've been very active in my community as well. I started a C++ creative coding group in Portland that welcomed everyone, started a group for women in engine programming, attended lots of meetups and conferences to get to know various groups and community members.

Lately I've been seeing a lot of companies starting programs and reaching out to the community, aimed at hiring women. I understand why, and I'm for the idea.

Once upon a time, in a past life, I was fired essentially for complaining to HR about a sexist manager. I have friends with equally bad stories, or worse. And those companies are all now trying to hire women.

And then there's the huge corporation making money for executives, giving developers an unfair fraction of the profits they make, working developers overtime, hurting their health and not often enough letting them see their families.

Or what about the companies that don't give back to their communities at all? What about socioeconomic issues? The prices of rent going up, leaving people who make what should be a decent wage out of their cities or homeless or barely able to make ends meet. The companies who spy on users, steal data, take control away from people. What about those things?

I think about these things and more when I see corporations out to hire more women. Hiring more women is good.

Is the company really doing good for the world, overall?

Some are.

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