Microcontroller Workshop

Microcontroller Workshop

At a coffee shop to talk about our latest project.

What would we do if we could do anything? We tend to re-ask this question every week.

There's a lot on that list.

One of those things on the list that day was microcontroller programming. More building awesome hardware devices and installations. Something we've both tinkered with as a hobby, sometimes intensely.

Another was helping the community and bringing more people into what we loved. I don't like the idea of technology being considered hard and only something a few people are really good at. Some of my favorite and most inspiring workshops are ones that welcome beginners. No question is off limits. Everyone's exploring. Everyone just playing. There's lots of backgrounds in the room, lots of new perspectives. They're a great starting point to making communities better.

Parts were ordered. Location booked. We ordered cheap parts to give away to everyone who came. Met up a few times to talk about what to build. Really didn't take much effort, and so worth it!

Here are the slides for the workshop. It was a very brief presentation accompanied by a worksheet (you'll find that in the slides). People then broke into small groups and we floated around helping everyone.


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