List of Engineers Willing to Mentor You

Look, even more mentors outside this list! I highly encourage you to message folks on these additional lists, there are much more people on them and they tend to be more free.

Recently I put out a public call on Twitter asking engineers to mentor more people outside of work. I was pretty overwhelmed by how many accomplished engineers and all-around nice people responded! Posting this here so that people can remember who responded and come back to this list if they need to ping people in the future.

Don't be shy, don't be afraid to reach out to these engineers to ask for help any time. Make sure to introduce yourself a bit and explain what you'd like guidance on. They can help with tutoring, pointing you to resources, resume/interview tips, general career advice, or even just a casual conversation about what it's like to work in the industry.

I love this thread full of advice for mentors, but it's also helpful to mentees who want to know what this relationship can look like.

Most of these folks should have open DMs on Twitter so you can Direct Message them-- if not, tweet @ them.

Have fun learning! :)

Alex Evans, Co-Founder and Programmer at Media Molecule

@sehurlburt i think your dm mentoring idea is cool. count me in; when time & skill permits, I'll do my best to help.

Hugo Moraleida, Game Programmer at Klei

Can mentor in games programming (works on indie games now), open DMs.

Ólafur Waage, Generalist Programmer at Ubisoft

Willing to mentor and code review anyone learning to program. C++ is my main language but I'm very comfortable in many of the others. I've been doing C++ programming on a large scale from Air Traffic Systems to Video Game Distribution Platforms.

Ike, Programmer

@sehurlburt I am also open to be asked questions about C/C++ and modern OpenGL graphics. I also speak Spanish.

Alan Wolfe, Graphics Programmer at Blizzard

@sehurlburt with a toddler I don't have a ton of time, but can answer specific questions and have conversations about things.

Toby Tremayne, Founder at Magic Industries

For what it’s worth, I’ll add to @sehurlburt ’s initiative and say I’m open to fielding dev questions. 20 yrs enterprise app dev. Ask me architecture, javascript, webvr, hololens, etc.

Jeff Rames, iOS Developer at AirStrip Health

Can mentor in iOS programming, open DMs.

Ali Helmy, Animation Programmer at Crytek

@sehurlburt great idea! Let me offer my help for animation programming and procedural animation then :)

Peter Abrahamsen, Programmer

@sehurlburt & audience: I've got some grey hair, experience mentoring, and open DMs. Web code, IxD, product, startups, Amazon, contracting.

Sean Parsons, Programmer at Momentum

@sehurlburt I'm by no means a low level coder, but if anyone wants any guidance with functional programming or services I'm happy to help.

Omer Shapira, Senior VR Artist at NVIDIA

Can mentor in solving design issues, code, theory, math, and how to run a project. DMs open.

Warren Moore, Metal Ecosystem Development Engineer at Apple

I’m looking for additional students and young professionals in the SF Bay Area to mentor in 3D graphics. Is that you? DMs open.

Andy Smith, Game Programmer at Thelka

@sehurlburt I also have some spare time each week to do DM mentoring on graphics stuff wherever I can help!

Eric Engeström, Software Engineer at Imagination Technologies

I definitely don't consider myself an expert, but I like this trend @sehurlburt is setting. Ask me any Linux graphics or driver questions

Brandon Pomeroy, 3D Printing Engineer

I'll throw my hat into @sehurlburt 's ring. If you have any questions about any part of the 3D printing process, feel free to @ or dm me!

Patrick Monaghan, Games Programmer

I'm kinda into @sehurlburt's mentoring idea. If anyone's struggling or needs a hand with any general code stuff (mainly C++) I can help out

Joe, Game Developer and Sound Designer

@sehurlburt I'm definitely up for helping out anyone with questions about sound design in games #mentor

Max Liani, Senior Leading Engineer at Pixar

@sehurlburt, adding to the chorus, DM me for Q&A about offline rendering, compact data structures and low level programming, or about becoming or improving as CG artist in films.

Mithun Hunsur, Generalist Programmer

@sehurlburt I'll throw my hat in; I enjoy helping people with basic reverse engineering, game modding & low-level programming - DMs open!

Omar Cornut, Coder at LizardCube, Author of Dear ImGui

@sehurlburt Also happy to help when I have time, DM always opened. Not sure what's my specialty!

R. Pavlik, CTO at Sensics

Thx @sehurlburt for the push - low on spoons but feel a duty: "modern C++" and VR mentoring, with academic VR bg, for underrep. folks. DM me. also know a bunch of VR lit, willing to do quick mental/my papers database lit search to give folks a leg up and avoid wheel reinvention

Jamie Hayes, Engine/Graphics Programmer at Ready At Dawn

@sehurlburt I am willing to mentor 1 person at a time for 1-2mo stints (c++, game dev) via email n skype. Women/LGBT/POC strongly encouraged

Krzysztof Kondrak, Owner and Programmer at Code Magic

Inspired by @sehurlburt and few more people I admire, I have now opened my DM and am ready to help with programming, #gamedev math and VR!

kb, Programmer at Ventuz

@sehurlburt count me in for audio stuff - DSP, audio engine architecture, compression, music, etc. Happy to help. :)

Stephen Vanterpool, iOS Programmer at Google

@sehurlburt I can mentor on iOS Programming.

Xavier Ho, Designer and Engineer at CSIRO, PhD Researcher at Sydney University

@sehurlburt Mentoring someone sounds like my jam! I do interaction design, graphics programming, and photography. Always happy to answer Qs.

Joel de Vahl, Graphics Programmer at Unity

@sehurlburt I'll be glad to be on that list too. Graphics APIs, system/library design, general low level.

Simon Belak, Data Scientist at GoOpti

@sehurlburt love the idea. Count me in. Can help with data science, machine learning, functional programming, architecture, startups

Arvid Gerstmann, CTO at Voony Games

@sehurlburt You can add me, too. I'll try to help where I can. Mostly C / Engine, but also mobile iOS / Android.

Hal Mueller, iOS/Mac Developer, Part time UW Instructor

@sehurlburt Interests in geodata/maps, 3D graphics, SW engineering, Bluetooth LE.

Simon Barratt, Game Developer and Startup Founder

@sehurlburt Great idea! Happy to help re biz, production, funding, code!

Arne Mertz, C++ Software Developer

@sehurlburt here! General C++ and some clean code / Craftmanship stuff. DMs are open

aerique, Enterprise Software Developer

@sehurlburt Hi Stephanie, you can add me for minorities in NL. I can help with introductions and basic (enterprise) dev. I'm near Delft.

Monos, Game Developer

@sehurlburt well, i'm somewhat capable with video/audio encoding and filtering with avi/vapour synth, also plugin "author" for the latter

Dylan Nunns, Software Developer

@sehurlburt I only have about 3 years experience and it's mostly been with PHP, and some C++ and iOS - but my DM is always open for anyone!

Adrian Hardjono, Immersive Systems Architect, Software Developer, Entreprenuer

@sehurlburt Please add me Unity3D,C++, interactive installations, clustered rendering systems, VR, architecture and dev for above.

Roy Triesscheijn, Game developer (serious games, geriatric care) at SilverFit

@sehurlburt can you put me on the list as a C# dev from the Netherlands? :)

Michael Quandt, Software Developer at Animal Logic

@sehurlburt always happy to help anyone with an interest. Realtime gfx and film animation programming, engine dev and software engineering.

Kirill Dmitrenko, Senior Frontend Developer at Yandex

@sehurlburt let's try :) I can help with WebGL and JavaScript

Bartlomiej Filipek, C++ Software Engineer

@sehurlburt Happy to help! ask me about: C++, performance optimization, Windows native apps, OpenGL, Graphics

Balázs Török, Engine Programmer

I'm happy to talk anything including general engine programming, graphics, overlay dev, leading a team, working in gamedev, photography

David Tse, Independent Game Developer

I love talking about Vulkan/Engine stuff! DM or Skype: subsurfacegames

Philip Dunstan, Lead AI Programmer at Massive Entertainment

@sehurlburt Awesome idea! I'd be happy to help out. Particularly general gamedev, C++ and AI.

Guy Hershenbaum, Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft

Can help with design/architecture,C++,C#,interviewing,systems programming, perf

Omar Mohamed Ali, UE4 VR Developer at Framestore VRS

@sehurlburt I'm in with low level C++ VR for non mainstream devs :D

Samuel Gosselin, Systems Engineer

@sehurlburt I could definitely answer questions related to low level & embedded systems! :-)

Conor Stokes, Founder/Lead Consultant at Burning Candle Software

@sehurlburt I'm always happy to mentor; my experience is pretty varied so I guess you could call me a generalist.

Larz Smith, Gameplay Programmer

Can talk about gameplay programming, MMO style combat and systems. DMs are open.

Bryant Drew Jones, Co-Founder and Technical Game Designer at ArtBit

I would love to help anyone interested in gameplay programming & design, especially those in the LGBT community.

James Widman, C++ Software Engineer

I'm ready to answer most questions about the C++ core language (grammar, types, conversions, etc)

JF St-Amour, Senior Software Engineer at Riot Games

Open DM, feel free to reach out about graphics/engine stuff, getting into the industry, w/e

Joseph Simons, Senior Software Engineer at Iron Galaxy Studios

@sehurlburt I'm always willing to answer/mentor when I have the time: game dev, graphics, performance, c/c++, backend servers, team lead

Dave Elder, Senior Graphics Programmer at Tripwire Interactive

C++, graphics, DX11/12, multithreading, optimization, industry guidance, whatever. Hit me up!

Rajiv Puvvada, Game Engineer at Amazon Game Studios

@sehurlburt I'll do what I can! Open DMs for generalist game engineering in mobile/AAA.

Paul Evans, Game Developer

@sehurlburt I'm more tools & infrastructure focused than others on that list. I will chat with people & reply as time & skill allow though.

Justin Liew, Software Developer for The Coalition (Microsoft)

@sehurlburt I'm definitely in. C++ and general games experience. Now trying to be an ally to level the playing field for all.

Aaron Gutierrez, Associate Software Engineer at Blizzard

I'd especially love to help out students since I'm new to the industry :)

Richard Sim, Chief Engineer at PROXXI

@sehurlburt Hey yeah count me in! The list of what I do is kinda stupid long, but let’s narrow it down to hardware dev/prototyping/startups

Cédric Bonnier, C++/Qt Software Developer at FXHOME

@sehurlburt Still a junior C++ dev here but if I can help anyone I'd be more than happy :-D DMs are open.

Jaymin Kessler, Senior Optimization Engineer at InsightfulVR

I'm always willing to answer some questions!

Neil Forbes-Richardson, Rendering Engineer at Wargaming

I occasionally help people out through other channels, but happy for people to reach out to me.

Wessam Fathi, Lead Console Programmer at YAGER

I'd be happy to help!

Innes MᶜKendrick, Programmer at Hello Games

I'm happy to talk code/proc gen/gamedev, esp with women and lgbtq+ folks

Dimitri Diakopoulos, Lead VR Engineer at Intel

Would love to mentor on c++/engines/rendering and especially low-level VR dev

Jon Olick, Software Engineer at RAD Game Tools

Can mentor in low-level programming, C++, optimization, compression. DMs open.

Colin Riley, Software Engineer at AMD RTG

@sehurlburt Happy to help folks in general optimization, low level coding, and FPGA tinkering!

Max Power, Game Developer

Can mentor in game development.

Chris Wade, Indie Game Developer

@sehurlburt I'm up for mentoring and answering specific questions on C#/Unity/Game Programming/Linear Algebra/Shaders

Jasmin Patry, Rendering Software Engineer at Sucker Punch Studios

@sehurlburt DMs are open, please add me! Will do my best to help with game graphics stuff :)

Charles Aylward, Software Developer, Designer, Researcher

@sehurlburt Great initiative! Opened my DMs. Distributed/real-time/embedded systems, firmware, functional programming, general/architecture

Joe Kelly, Audio Director at Microsoft HoloLens

I'm more than happy to help anyone with audio engineering and game dev

Troy Haran, Software Engineer in Test at EA

@sehurlburt Feel free to count me in as a mentor too. Anyone wanting help with Angular, NodeJS, or almost anything web related, please DM :)

Tamás Deme, VR/AR/MR Developer

@sehurlburt happy to help with C#, UWP and some Unity stuff regarding Windows Holographic (eg. HoloLens). DMs open

John van der Burg, Animation Programmer at EmotionFX

@sehurlburt Happy to help with animation system related questions :) and topics including 3d engine, qt for tools, api design and c++

Dale Kim, Associate Engine Programmer at Insomniac Games

I have some experience which might be illuminating for those who want to get into game engine programming, especially students. I've done SIMD, pathfinding, palettized texture compression, game pack file formats, rudimentary spatial querying in 2D.

Gijs Richard Kaerts, Rendering Engineer at Skybox Labs

Don't have lots of time, but always down to chat about shader programming, DirectX, Gfx engine architecture, ...

Nicholas Westby, Web Developer

@sehurlburt Can mentor web tech: Umbraco, C#, Grunt, Angular 1, Sass, ASP .NET MVC, production optimization, architecture, tools, general...

Adam Goodrich, Author of Gaia/Gena on Unity Asset Store

Happy to help with procedural generation and environmental design.

Stephen Whitmore, Game Developer and Web Programmer

@sehurlburt Happy to help! I'm an open source programmer with exp in back-end and also 2d game development.

Morgan McGuire, Professor and Game Developer

@sehurlburt I'm happy to answer any technical question from anybody...but only in the open so that others can benefit. That's my price :)

Cort Stratton, VR Graphics Programmer (Vulkan) at Google

I had to give up teaching earlier this year; this would scratch that itch nicely. What I'm most qualified to help people with at this point is moving from GL to Vulkan. I'm also happy to offer advice on general low-level programming.

Branimir Karadžić, Graphics Programmer

Can help with graphics and engine programming, author of bgfx (open source cross-platform graphics library).

Leo Benaducci, Lead Programmer at ACE Team

I'm a C++ engine/graphics programmer with several years of experience in UE3 and UE4. I also speak Spanish.

Rolando Caloca, Senior Engine Programmer at Epic Games

You can add me to the mentoring list, would love helping on low level coding, optimizations, Vulkan, etc

Nick Porcino, Senior Engineer at Apple

Open to questions on engines, game dev, and film/tv/vfx pipeline

Angelo Pesce, Rendering Technical Director at Activision

Can mentor in graphics and engine programming.

Mike Nicolella, Engineer at Bungie

I'm happy to help folks via DM. I'm a generalist with interests in networking, graphics, multithreaded systems, reverse engineering, compilers, and all things low-level!

Brett Douville, Programmer

Generalist video game programmer, mostly C++, did a lot of leading, too, on Skyrim, etc.

Stoyan Nikolov, Co-Founder and Lead Tech at Coherent Labs

I'd be happy to help as well. I dig core engine architecture, parallelism and VR graphics.

Nico Galoppo, Software Engineer at Intel

Graphics, compute APIs, computer vision, GPUs & low level programming.

Kirk Shaw, IT Engineer at Media Molecule

Feel free to add me to the list if anyone wants advice on IT related things. I'm a generalist in IT but been doing Games/IT 12y+

Stephen Keefer, Senior Software Developer at AccuWeather, Indie Game Developer

@sehurlburt add me into the list of peeps to hit up for mentoring, advice, questions

Shaun Peoples, Owner and Programmer at Durham Games

Can ask about game development and general programming questions

Felix Bytow, C/C++/Perl Programmer

@sehurlburt Great idea, I think I can help out with C++ and Perl (also XS).

Christopher Najewicz, Senior DevOps Engineer at nearForm

@sehurlburt always willing to answer questions re: devops, software dev etc.

argontus, Programmer

@sehurlburt oh and I guess I can help gaining perspective on systems/archi etc. I'm a generalist:) @/DM

Stewart Henderson, Programmer at Uptake

@sehurlburt I am game for helping out. In-person in the Chicagoland area or digitally otherwise.

Frank Pinto, VP of Engineering

@sehurlburt I'd love to help. VP of Eng. at a FinTech startup. Former startup founder / CTO. Webapp full stack dev (Ruby, Node, React, etc.)

Mike Kelly, Senior Developer at Reaktiv Studios

@sehurlburt I'd love to be added... Full Stack Web Developer at Reaktiv Studios

Mariusz Pasiński, Game Developer and Ableton Live user

@sehurlburt not sure if it counts but I'm ready to help with C++ gamedev, GL, scripting and basic low-level stuff. Windows, Linux & Android

Aleš Mlakar, Principal Software Engineer at Outfit7

@sehurlburt you can add me too - C++ & C#, Unity, mobile, optimization,...

Sven Hesse, Programmer

@sehurlburt I am willing to answer questions about low-level C/C++, AVR, disassembly/reversing of DOS adventures, as my time permits :)

Indy Ray, Senior Graphics Engineer

@sehurlburt you can add me to the list! Many years of experience in graphics, engine and tools development.

Keith Kaisershot, Programmer

15+ years of asm/C/C++ coding from classic Mac to latest console/PC.

Ben Goldstein, Technical Director at Sony Santa Monica

Just left a tech lead job @UbisoftMTL to join the team at @SonySantaMonica. About to start year #17 in console dev. Happy 2 help

El Marcel, Engineer on LLVM

I'm game! C++, low-level, graphics, how to survive as an expat :) DMs open.

yse, Data Scientist at Tapad

@sehurlburt I can answer questions about the leap from academia to data science and gender diversity in tech.

AL, Programmer

I can definitely help more junior coders about C, C++, Rust, systems and programming in general.

Steven Seeley, Security Researcher

@sehurlburt feel free to add me, although I focus on security.

Oli, Programmer and Game Developer

@sehurlburt feel like I'd like to help, I'm a generalist with a background in data and cloud. AMA.

Jay Patel, COO at Varmora Infotech Pvt ltd

Add me up if newbie wants to start in OpenBSD I can help out. I am COO at Varmora Infotech Pvt ltd, India.

Davide Faconti, Robotics Researcher

Count me in for this mentoring initiative. I can help with c++ and robotics

James Golding, Lead Programmer at Epic Games

@sehurlburt Happy to answer questions on gameplay, animation, physics, collision, scripting, tools, and general career stuff!

Trent Polack, Founder of Joy Machine Games

@sehurlburt Toss me into the mix! Gameplay/engine/graphics programmer, systems designer, level designer, tech artist, creative director.

Isaac Besora, Engineer

@sehurlburt add one more to the list. IOS, Android, web programming, geodata/maps, 3D maths and SW engineering. Going to open my DM!

Marek Krajewski, C++ Programmer

@sehurlburt you can add me as well, but I only know some C++, no game progr.

Tim Chavalier, SRE at Google

I'd like to be on the list -- Tim Chevalier, SRE at Google with background in compilers and functional programming. Priority to people marginalized based on race, transness, disability, and/or mental illness. DMs open.

Lindsay Kay, 3D Visualization App/Engine Developer

Put me down for WebGL engine dev, architecture and perf.

Eric Smolikowski, Principal Imagineer at Disney

You can add me to the list as well. Always happy to share my experience with the younger generation.

David Neubelt, Graphics Programmer at Ready at Dawn

Can mentor in C++, graphics, engine, and game programming.

Rebecca Heineman, Game Programmer

I am available to mentor on C, C++ and the deep dark dismal realm of assembly language, like ARM, ARM64, AMD64, x86, PPC etc...

Matthieu Delaere, Lecturer on Graphics and Gameplay Programming, R&D Programmer at Digital Arts and Entertainment

As a teacher I am always willing to help people out (c++, directx, unity/c#) on all levels in my spare time!

Stuart Blackler, C# Engineer at Redweb

Happy to help with C# things

Francis Boivin, 3D Programmer at Ubisoft Montreal

Late to the party, but will do my best to answer questions. 15y @UbisoftMTL, 3D console programming, team lead, debugging

Dimitar Mirchev, C++ Developer

C++ Enthusiast from Bulgaria also one of C++ User Group Sofia organizers. Glad to help anyone

Mathias Wahlin, Indie Game Developer and Graphics Programmer

I can help out with game engine, gameplay and graphics programming.

Dave Wood, Indie Developer at roboheadz

happy to help people with getting started with data analysis ! 14 years experience in that type of stuff for a big corp, happy to help newbies if I can

Adabelle Leirum, Game Programmer at Massive Entertainment, an Ubisoft Studio

I'd love to be a part of this! Anything about working with games, c++, Sweden etc

Sven Adersson, Engine Programmer at King Games on the Defold Engine

always happy to help.

Amandine Coget, Engine Programmer

You can add me, I'm happy to answer questions on GFX / games / UI but ONLY from people who are marginalized on some axis.

Garry Johanson, Engine Programming Student

im a student willing to mentor other students. i study independently on various handmade network streams.

Mustafa Toroman, Systems Engineer, Microsoft Azure MVP

count me in on this, if anyone wants some help with infrastructure and Azure, I'm more then happy to help

Sam Littlewood, Graphics Programmer

C, C++, Python, Graphics. Games, Embedded, Servers/back end, AWS. UK times.

Jigar Doshi, PhD Student at Georgia Tech

I can share my experience in AI/Deep Learning, Robotics, Computer Vision. Feel free to DM. Happy to help!

Alice Ching, Engine Programmer at Funomena

Can mentor in game, engine, and C++ programming. Currently at Funomena, previously at Google.

Jeremy Tregunna, iOS Engineer

C/Swift/Elixir covering areas around games

Dan Luria, Lead Software Engineer

Definitely interested! I can help with career advice, mentoring new or aspiring Leads/Managers, and fullstack dev (esp. JS/ES6)

Samuel Maskell, Android Engineer at Twitter

I'm happy to help if needed. Android engineer @ Twitter. DM's open. also interested in functional programming (scala, lisp, Haskell) and introductory ML

David Koontz, Game Developer, Functional Programmer at Axosoft

Gamedev (C#, Unity), Javascript, Functional Programming (Haskell, Elm, Purescript)

Matthew Bell, Lead Game Programmer at WayForward

Tend to be on small teams so touch many areas. Hoping to do my part to encourage diversity in our field. open to just being asked questions without askers committing to being mentored, too. C++/Unity/Shaders

Roberto, Programmer

Have about 3 yrs of pro experience + 3 yrs self taught. I can mentor anyone in core Java + basic Scala, Android


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