Some Fall Fashion Ideas: Work Wardrobe, Software Developer

I love fashion, and dreaming up ideas for it. But in day-to-day life, with the constraints of the real world and business and work and everything that comes with that, it gets extra interesting.

When I was first starting out my career in software development, I often wondered what was okay to wear. Coming from working in fashion, I was used to understanding that first impressions matter a lot and it bothered me that I had no idea what was appropriate to wear for this new job. But now I feel really comfortable in what I wear to work, so I thought I'd share!

So, this is an idea of what I'd practically wear for work every day from H&M's new fall collection (chosen because it's affordable!). A lot of black because it makes putting together outfits so easy-- I just need to make sure the few colors that are in each outfit go together nicely. I love wearing dresses and feminine cuts/colors, in addition to leaning toward less casual cuts for added professionalism. I wear dresses to any event that's more formal-- they work well for both casual and formal scenarios. And I try to always dress up a little-- I find that even when everyone else is casual, overdressing just a bit can be really nice. Oh, and I always need a bag that can actually fit my VR-ready laptop. I put my computer in a thin waterproof case, then in a fashionable big bag like this.

Hopefully it helps someone with ideas! :)

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